How to start a newspaper?

To start a newspaper suddenly, you must understand the reason behind introducing such business. Newspaper business is not easy hence you must understand the pros and cons in detail before actually starting the paper. There can be numerous reasons behind starting a newspaper, for e.g., someone may wish to start it just as a business, where as others may wish to represent their community in a better manner through the help of this paper. But whatever may be the reason behind starting a newspaper, the fact remains same. To start a paper you must follow some basic rules. Introducing a newspaper is not only an exciting job but it also pays back in s very short time. It provides huge opportunity to work and as a social responsible person you can help built careers for other people as well. Whatever may be the reason, you must follow the below mentioned points before introducing a newspaper in the market.

To start a paper, you must have passion for it. With strong commitment, passion for business and good network you can really introduce a newspaper in the society. Today with the support of digital technology it has become much easier than the earlier days to work on the paper planning and come up with it in a very short time. You must gain knowledge of small number of software and then with a camera and a reporter, you can introduce a newspaper.

Once decided, you must know all about a printing press and the publishing industry. So you must carry out a bit of study on the matter. First you should understand what a web press is in contrast to sheet-fed presses. A lot of print shops in any township manage sheet-fed presses. Some copy shops might not be having printing presses would be operating with electrostatic copier instead. A genuine printing press makes use of ink, instead of a toner, for the reproduction of a picture on paper. A web press’s an incredibly big (occasionally two /three storied) printing press printing from huge paper rolls, in place of piles of pre-cut sheets. And you must understand its function before starting the paper.

Next, plan out the size of the paper, a tabloid or a complete paper and then think on the publishing. Decide if you want to make it a daily or a weekly paper. And do not forget to consider the economic part of the paper publishing. Find out a printing press that will help you printing your paper in a comfortable rate and will be able to meet the deadline. As a first timer, avoid going directly to the competitor’s press instead negotiate with a local printing house in the beginning.

Finally once the paper is published, plan out the distribution channel. Talk to the local vendors and plan out some marketing strategies. You news is the backbone of the paper. Hence quality content coupled with wise marketing step will help you reach your client comfortably. Therefore the launch plan is a balance of ideas. Good content, readable news stories and epoch making editorial supported with apt marketing strategy will help you establishing your paper in a very short time.

Tip and strategies of writing report in a newspaper

A reporter is a person who gathers news and writes about it in detail. He has to interview people and attend public functions, meeting, press conference and law courts to investigate public interest and collect news. He must know all about past, present and future. He is the person who conveys the news and helps in developing public opinion. This is a huge responsibility. He cannot mislead public with spicy news. Rather he has to act as the mirror of the society and report about every incident properly. Therefore, while writing the news he has to follow a certain rule so as give the correct information to the readers.

Tips and strategies of writing a report

The news report is divided into three parts, namely

• The headline

• The first paragraph

• The remaining story or the body copy

The headline: The headline first grabs attention. It stands out in black color and in bold font. Its message is short and thought provoking. It must be inviting so that the reader goes through the news story.

The first paragraph: This part has two parts and they are a lead and a body. The lead is a part of the introduction. This part contains the answer to five Ws and 1H (journalistic term), means it answers 5 questions, Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. The body is a brief about the incident. This part is followed by the incident in the “inverted pyramid format”. This format is strictly followed while writing news. It includes writing about the incident in the story telling style where facts unfold one after the other. The most important facts are stated first and slowly the story.

The remaining story: This paragraph is followed after the first one where the associated details are mentioned. The fact and figures from history or documents if needed, for e.g, if the story is about yearly budget, the reporter can give a comparison study of budget of this year with previous years in this section.

While writing the report the style should be simple and vivid. As if the reader can visualize the incident and gets a complete knowledge of the event as he reads through the lines of the report. Use simple and short words that can be easily understood. Simple tense and organizing the facts and figures in a soft narrative manner is important. If the style is confusing or tough then reader will not enjoy reading it. The idea is to communicate the details and make the reader continue reading it. The ending should be in style just as the beginning of the report. It must be though provoking, so that the reader does not forget what he has read. He will discuss about the news and create his own opinion about the report. Thus he may write back to the editor as well.

Therefore the art of writing a good report is to involve the reader in the news reading and also encourage them to participate in it. This is to help you grow your readers fast.

Qualifying for the World Series of Poker

It is difficult to know if anyone knew what was going to happen when the six best poker players in the world were invited to get together and play a game of poker at the Horseshoe Casino in 1970. Event organizers knew that the event would be historic, but it is hard to imagine that they knew the event would draw thousands of competitors That small event at the Horseshoe has evolved into the event that we now call the World Series of Poker.

Every poker player has wasted a little time day dreaming about what it would be like to play in the World Series of Poker. Many of the players will never do so because they simply aren’t good enough, however if you are good enough, there are some simple things you can do to prepare and qualify.

The simplest means of entry is to pay the entry fee. It doesn’t matter if you are a horrible poker player, if you can pay the entry fee you a seat at the table will be saved for you. However, since most of us don’t have a spare $10,000 lying around, we are forced to look for another way to qualify.

The next option is to go to Binions. Every single year Binions hosts a sort of mini-poker tournament. The purpose of the event is to honor the very first World Series of Poker event; the person who wins the Binions tournament automatically qualifies you for the real deal.

Once again, not everyone can get to Binions to play in the qualifying tournament. In addition to finding the time, there is also transportation cost to consider as well as the amount of time you will have to take off work. If you are still hoping of qualifying for the World Series, you do still have one option left.

The final means of qualifying for the World Series of Poker is through online poker tournaments. While competing in an online tournament might seem a little anti-climatic, you need to consider that some of the world most famous poker players, including Andy Bloch, have relied on the internet to get them to the World Series tournament. The good news is that finding a qualifying tournament isn’t all that difficult. First nearly every online casino in existence has a tournament that will allow the player to get to the World Series. If you don’t have a regular online casino all you need to do is run an internet search and you will get a whole list of options. The nice thing about the sheer number of online World Series qualifying tournaments is that if you are having a bad day and don’t play as well as you like, you can always compete in a different tournament and try to qualify on another day.

Qualifying for the World Series of Poker is just one step. After you qualify you are going to have to spend every available minute practicing and preparing for the event. The World Series is a huge deal, so make sure you make your lodging and travel plans as soon as you know you qualify for the event.

The role of newspaper in the modern society

Newspaper is one of the initial communication tools of the society. They’ve been the most usual and a generally received medium to be used in conveying the local, regional, international and national news to readers. Ever since the beginning of the society, the newspapers were published to convey the latest happening in different parts worldwide.

Today the major dailies employ correspondents to collect news from all over the place and also from agencies. They write about any and every event happening at all corners of the world. They act as the guardian of the society. They help in developing public opinion. It acts as a mirror of the society and informs everything in minute detail, thus helps in forming a collective opinion.

In this contemporary time the role of newspapers is very significant in the promotion of trade, commerce, and business. Big corporate houses and business houses promote their products by putting in giving roomy ads on papers. Advertisements like the classified advertisements, significant community announcements and communal notices also make up the chief content & substance of newspapers. Sporting, educational as well as campus news, cultural activities, dance drama, and fine arts are a few of the indispensable features of every primary newspaper. The readers get the knowledge of any and every activity happening in and around the area. They read about the opinion and reviews, the editorials and feature articles to know about the incident in detail.

The modern day paper also has a column, the letter to the editor section, in which the reader can write about his grievances or appreciation about any report or incident in the society. The newspaper also informs about the political activities, the new laws or the sports and activities happening in the society.

Apparently after reading these paragraphs it seems that the role of news paper is to convey information and help in developing public opinion only. In reality, it is not limited to this extent. A modern day paper has done miraculous activity in recent years and shown that even in the age of internet and news portal, the radio and television, newspaper can still change the life, the though and mind of the society. They can still help in creating a common opinion and work as a corporate social responsible tool and fight for justice if needed. They can change the government or help in punishing a criminal by simply acquiring public support and demanding justice. This is one of the major tools of democracy.

Ever since the formation of society news paper has always helped people. Today they are doing the same. In general level they inform people about the incidents or promote products of the companies. It even informs about job vacancies and admission in school or colleges. You are not sure about what to study or how to get admission just read the students corner and find all the answers. It is easy, cheap and quickly available. The best part is it can be referred back any time and can be documented for future reference.

Increasing Rakeback Profit

If you have been playing poker with rakeback, you will know the benefits from having rakeback. Nevertheless, their will come a time in your poker career when you will consider how to increase your profits from rakeback. This is because with rakeback, even a break-even player can turn into a profitable player.

How to Increase Rakeback Profit

To increase you rakeback profit their is a few thing you can consider. You could try multi-tabling. For a new player to the online poker scene, multi tabling with 4, 8 sometime even 16 tables all going on at once seems crazy. The seasoned online poker player can be found doing this with a high level of focus and success. Multi-tabling does not come naturally for the novice poker player and should be eased into in a deliberate and methodical manner. If you are going to try multi-tabling, you would be best-advised to start with two tables simultaneously and work up to four and eight, or until you are happy with the results, without compromising your comfort zone.

By multi-tabling, you increase your profits by participating in more hands per hour than you would by playing one lone table or even playing live! For example, if you play one table you averaging $10 an hour in rake, when you play two tables, your rake will increase to $20 an hour. Naturally, if you play four tables – $40 an hour and so on.

Therefore, if you increase the amount you rake from $10 an hour to $40 an hour by multi-tabling, your rakeback will also increase. If you have a good rakeback deal, for example, 40% rakeback you would increase your profits from rakeback from $4 to $16 an hour. If you are a profitable poker player, this will increase your profits from winnings as well. Even if you have a slight profit or break even, multi-tabling with rakeback can greatly increase your over all profit.

Why should I multi-table and not increase stakes to increase my rakeback profits?

The main reason poker players multi-table instead of increasing stakes is because increasing stakes usually means increased competition, which can actually decrease your profit from playing poker rather than multi-tabling. So even though increasing stakes would increase your rakeback profit, it might decrease you overall profit which would be counter-productive. Additionally, by multi-tabling at a lower stakes game, as opposed to moving up ranks, you are better able to diversify your money – or spread it among many tables, so that you will not be subjected to any one bad beat or bad run of cards.

Multi-tabling is a great way to pad your bottom line when playing poker and receiving rakeback.

Omaha poker Hi-Lo Strategy

Online poker is riddled with players who like to play aggressive poker in no limit poker situations, with Omaha poker Hi-Lo no different to any of the other poker variants.

Looking at the all in plays that are used within the game of Hi-Lo Omaha poker, all in bets tend not to be made by players who find themselves short staked at the tables, unlike the Texas Hold’em no limit variant.

The reasoning behind this is that players have nothing to gain by throwing their chips into a pot on a coin flip as they are up against two different ways in which they can win or lose the hand.

A risk that shouldn’t be taken if the player is looking to remain in the game or the tournament play.

Players in a Omaha Hi-Lo game can find it hard to play the game due to the number of ‘live wire’ players that take to the table, thinking that they can bring their no limit Texas Hold’em playing styles into the game when in fact they are walking into a situation that is going to leave them looking weak and exploitable within this variant.

As with all the poker variants, making a call or a raised bet should be done with a well planned read on your opponent in order to only play into situations that you feel you are going to win and have the player beat at that point of the game.

Entering into a pot where you feel that you are behind but could hit a card on the remaining street cards that are due to be placed is a sure fire way to find yourself heading down ‘broke street’ and watching your bankroll decrease as the game continues.

Due to the game been both high and low rewarding, the best possible hand that a player could wish to find in their hole cards are a pair of aces, carrying a great strength from the first cards that are dealt.

Players often have their own variations of other hands that they are willing to play, some without an ace anywhere within their hand.

This is something that is personal to the player and means that they are entering into the pot with a hand that they feel they can turn in to the winning hand.

Remembering that in fact the odds are stacked against you for this to happen is key as this might just help you to lay down a hand that you will later see draw dead, saving you a great amount of chips rather than seeing your stack disappear right in front of your eyes.

Why Position in PKR Texas Holdem Is So Important

When you’re playing Holdem on the pkr download there is a disc which helps you see who the dealer is for that hand and every hand the disc will move one spot to the left. This means that every player will have a different position in the hand each hand so you will need to use your position to your advantage. When you’re in early position you need to be a lot wearier about raising the pot whereas if you’re late to act you will have a better idea where you stand in the pot.
In early position you will be one of the first players to act in the hand which is a disadvantage because you don’t get to see how the other players act first. If you raise the pot in early position then you need to watch out for another player re-raising you because you won’t know where you stand in the pot, especially if it’s preflop. When you flat call marginal hands in early position preflop you also have to worry about your opponents raising the pot on you.

After the flop early position doesn’t become any better because you need to act before the other players. If you decide to check then you’re sending a sign of weakness to the other players in the hand which might make one of them bluff you out of the pot. If you bet the pot in early position after the flop, turn or river you run the risk of your opponent re-raising you. You really need to make sure that you have a good hand when you’re betting in early position because you never know what your opponents might do in late position.

In late position on you will have an advantage over the other players on the table and this is when you will want to make your moves on pots. When you’re in late position you can see how the other players act before you so if they all check it to you then you can generally steal the pot unless someone is slow playing you. You will also be able to see how much it will cost you to chase draws and you won’t need to worry about someone re-raising you if you’re in the late position.

When you hit a monster hand in late position after the flop, turn or river you will also be able to extract more money typically because opponents in front of you might bet at the pot. Typically if you have a good hand then you should slow play the late position and just flat call the flop and turn, but once you get to the river you should make sure you re-raise your opponents if you think you’ve won the pot.

Bluffing will work a lot better when you’re in late position as well typically so try and make sure if you’re going to bluff that you’re not one of the first players to act in the hand. The earlier position you make a bluff the more opponents that need to fold in order for you to win, so you have better odds bluffing in late position.