Markets have now started selling wholesale eliquid through shops

Many make a transition from cigarettes to e-cigarettes with a preconceived myth that they have got over the ill-effects of smoking. Always remember all sources of nicotine are injurious to health and e-cigarettes are no exception to it if it contains nicotine.

Markets have now started selling wholesale eliquid through shops and online portals and access to e-liquids are increasing at a rapid rate and as already said, e-liquids like cigarettes are posing danger to human existence. However many manufacturers sell e-liquids without propylene glycol, glycerin and nicotine and they are said to be harmless to general health.wholesale eliquid through

Composition Of E-liquids

Typical e-liquid contains 95% propylene glycol and glycerin and 5% nicotine. Propylene glycol and glycerin are used to produce vapor in e-cigarettes and flavors are used to produce taste and aroma. As already said the favors may be natural or artificial and there are no FDA manufacturing standards for e-liquid and as a result you do not know the exact composition or the permissible amount of nicotine or other constituents and you are not aware whether the artificial flavors used in e-liquids are harmless as they are expected to be.

Nicotine level in the puff varies from manufacturer to manufacturer or among different products of the same company. Public Health England has said that an e-cigarette releases insignificant amount of nicotine in air and they cannot be considered a cause for air pollution. E-cigarette manufacturers do not fully reveal the chemical constitution of e-liquids or the compounds formed during the ignition of an e cigarette. Many e-liquids sold in the markets contain nicotine and heavy metals greater than the real cigarettes and these pose higher chances of cancer as many heavy metals in e-liquids are carcinogenic.